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Europe Decides

Europe Decides is an initiative launched by Burson-Marsteller Brussels to follow Europe’s year of change – including the European Parliament elections and the selection of new presidents of the European Commission and European Council, new European commissioners, and a new High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

This website is part of a wide range of activities that also includes events on the institutional changes and their impact on different policy areas and PollWatch, a collaboration with VoteWatch Europe that will track opinion polls ahead of the European Parliament elections.

Europe Decides receives no funding from the European institutions, political party, candidate, corporation or organisation. It is entirely funded by Burson-Marsteller. We are carrying out this initiative as a contribution to transparency about the European institutions’ work and supporting the democratic process.

The Europe Decides team

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David O’Leary
Project leader
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David Earnshaw
President and Senior Advisor, Burson-Marsteller Brussels

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Daphne Cafritz
Burson Brussels
Chiara Gaudenzi-Morandi
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Marek Zaremba-Pike
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Suzanne Schols

How we can help your organisation

The election campaign and the other institutional changes also give anyone with an interest in European affairs an opportunity to help shape the agenda for the rest of the decade.

It is the only pan-European campaigning opportunity – a chance to persuade politicians from across the continent to commit to your cause. The new Commission will bring new ideas and new commitments: now is the time to contribute to the thinking process.

Download our guide to how we can help you navigate Europe’s year of change

Burson-Marsteller Brussels’ team of experts can provide tailored support – including strategy development, campaign-building, policy analysis, monitoring and training – to help your organisation analyse and influence the changes about to take place.

We have experts in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, environment policy, chemicals, energy, transport, ICT, food and nutrition, and competition, who can help you get ahead of the game. By working with our colleagues from across the EU, we can provide insight and expertise from Brussels and national capitals.