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France – European Parliament election candidates

The information contained below is based lists published by the national election authorities. Party names are followed by the initials of the European Parliament political group in which most of the party’s MEPs sat in the 2009-2014 European Parliament. Changes to political groups and names may take place after the 2014 elections.
In France, a total of 74 MEPs will be elected.

The numbers of MEPs per region are as follows:

North West: 10
West: 9
East: 9
South West: 10
South East: 13
Massif central - Centre: 5
Ile-de-France: 15
Overseas: 3


Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) EPP


Socialist Party (PS)S&D + Radical Party of the Left (PRG)


The Alternative / The Europeans (UDI/MoDem) ALDE


Europe Ecology – The Greens (EELV) G/EFA


Alliance of Regionalists, Ecologists and Progressives Overseas – Regions and Peoples with Solidarity (Alliance des Régionalistes, Ecologistes et Progressistes des Outre-Mer – Regions et Peuples Solidaires) G/EFA

1. Jean-Jacob Bicep MEP
2. Kathy Carime-Jalime
3. Tony Grava
4. Véronique Joachim Pamphile
5. Moumini Oumara
6. Marie-Gérard Sona
7. Patrice Christian Langenier
8. Jeanne Marie Gertrude Docteur
9. Jean-Max Erapa


Pirate Party  - no current MEPs; member of the European Pirate Party


Left Front (FDG) GUE/NGL – alliance of Left Party (PDG) + French Communist Party (PCF) + Together (Ensemble)


Overseas Union GUE/NGL

1. Younous Omarjee MEP
2. Maeva Salmon
3. Jean Crusol
4. Daourina Abdallah
5. Yves Quiquerez
6. Mylène Mazia
7. Gérard Reignier
8. Sesilia Liufau
9. Bruno Lorion


National Front (FN) NI


Citizens’ Europe (Europe citoyenne) - one current MEP in Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group; ecological and citizens-based movement


Arise the Republic (DLR) - no current MEPs; Eurosceptic, sovereigntist party


Force Vie - no current MEPs; list defending conservative values


Popular Republican Union (UPR) - no current MEPs; party advocating withdrawal from the European Union


Workers’ Struggle (LO – Lutte Ouvrière) - no current MEPs; far-left party


Feminists for a Europe of Solidarity (Féministes pour une Europe solidaire) - no current MEPs; women’s rights party


Blank Vote Party - no current MEPs


New Anticapitalist Party - no current MEPs; far-left party


We Citizens (Nous Citoyens) - no current MEPs


New Deal (Nouvelle Donne) - no current MEPs; centre-left party


Esperanto, a Fair Common Language for Europe - no current MEPs


Communists - no current MEPs


European Federalist Party - no current MEPs


Party for Decreasing Growth (Parti pour la décroissance) - no current MEPs


Real Democracy (Démocratie réelle) - no current MEPs


For a Royal France at the Heart of Europe - no current MEPs


Independent Ecological Alliance (AEI) - no current MEPs


Federation of Regions and Peoples with Solidarity (Fédération Régions et Peuples Solidaires) - no current MEPs


Radically Citizen (Radicalement Citoyen) - no current MEPs

North West


France Awakes (La France Se Réveille) - no current MEPs



Alternative Socialist Movement (MSA) - no current MEPs



We’ll Make Europe for You! (Nous te ferons l’Europe!) - no current MEPs



For the Union, a Generation of Action! (Pour l’Union, une Génération d’Action!) - no current MEPs



Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ-BNP) – Euskadi Europan - no current MEPs

South West


Libertarian Programme for a Europe Setting an Example Against Sexism and Precariousness (Programme libertaire pour une Europe exemplaire contre le sexisme et la précarité) - no current MEPs

South West


Anti-Replacement List – No to the Great Replacement (Liste Antiremplaciste – Non au Grand Remplacement) - no current MEPs

South West


Occitania – For a Europe of People (Occitan Party) - no current MEPs; regionalist party

South West


For a Europe That is Useful to the French (Pour une Europe Utile aux Français) - no current MEPs

South East


Mayaud Hors Bords - no current MEPs

South East


Union of Struggle Against the Banks(Syndicat de lutte contre les banques) - no current MEPs

Massif central – Centre
1. Dominique Michel
2. Cécile Geist
3. Cédric Marchal
4. Pascale Genies
5. Patrick Ramirez
6. Colette Fardella
7. Jean-Baptiste Leteinturier
8. Angélique Goujon
9. Jean-François Grilhault des Fontaines
10. Régine Michel


Europe of Solidarity (Europe solidaire) - no current MEPs



Cannabis Without Frontiers – Stop Prohibition (Cannabis sans Frontiere – Stop la prohibition) - no current MEPs



Together for a Fairer Europe (Ensemble pour une Europe equitable) - no current MEPs



For a Free Europe (Pour une Europe Libre) - no current MEPs



Europe from Marrakesh to Instanbul (L’Europe de Marrakech à Istanbul) - no current MEPs



European Party - no current MEPs



Citizens Movement of Réunion - no current MEPs

1. Jean Roland Ango
2. Isabelle Daville
3. Rosien Duchemann
4. Marie Lepinay
5. Didier Lauret
6. Tasnime Alibay
7. Bruno Cheron
8. Nafissati Ali Boina
9. Jean Dena


Ultramarins et Ultramarines, Merci! - no current MEPs

1. Jean-Pierre Mapolin
2. Micheline Mapolin
3. Bruno Thérésine
4. Cynthia Gouala
5. Paul Capel
6. Nelly Soubdhan
7. Judes Ilard
8. Rose Jeanne
9. Jean-Philippe Segalas


100,000 Protest and Constructive Votes from Overseas in Europe (100 000 Votes Contestataires et Constructifs d’Outre-Mer en Europe) - no current MEPs

1. Marie-France Gallet
2. Pierre Magnin
3. Guilaine Sabine
4. Pierre-Yves Fonteix
5. Corinne Flavin
6. Roland Françoise
7. Stéphanie Lorente
8. Gilbert Degras
9. Colette Alvarez