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The EU needs to seize the Macron moment

The European Union is changing. As it emerges from the economic downturn, it is facing new challenges, including climate change, migration and Britain’s imminent departure from the bloc. The European Commission’s response, in March this year, was a White Paper on the Future of Europe, timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. But can the EU reform itself? In the first in a series of articles by Burson-Marsteller’s senior advisors on the future of Europe, David Harley considers how the political landscape in Europe is evolving.

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The perils of polls… and blackout Friday

After political debates, the spinning begins. Everyone wants to make sure that the story is how their candidate dominated (and won) the debate.

And in these circumstances, snapshot polls – such as the one we organised last week after the Eurovision debate – can become political footballs, as parties try to rally their supporters to back their man or woman. And then into this mix comes our reliance on technology.

On Friday, the Europe Decides website crashed due to volume of traffic. We are flattered by – but did not fully expect – this level of interest in the website. The timing of the blackout was not great: our post-debate poll was running at the time, and the advertised link to the poll was not functioning – a source of frustration to many (not least us).

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