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Switzerland’s tax shake-up

The third series of corporate tax reforms (CTR III) have lately become one of the biggest political and economic issues on the national agenda.

The Swiss tax system offers tax privileges on the foreign revenue of holding, domiciliary and mixed companies, and has been facing increasing international pressure since 2007. The OECD, with support from the G20 and the EU, have worked towards the standardisation of global tax practices. Since 2010, the CTR III were designed to bring in new tax measures consistent with international standards.

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Were “free” banknotes enough to sway Swiss voters?

Swiss citizens recently took part in a ballot, voting on five separate issues. With a 46% turnout, the public followed the advice of the Federal Council, hoping to ensure a solid long term impact on the economy.

Amongst the differing issues, the most notable case which generated a lot of attention, not only on a national scale but on a global one too, was the issue concerning a basic income for all.

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