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New French Government (May 2017)

Latest institution infographics

Who you need to know in DG SANTE for health and food policies (Feb 2017)
European Council (Jul 2015)
European Parliament 2014-17 (Jul 2015)
European Commission 2014-19 (Mar 2015)
Policy Commitments of the Juncker Commission (Feb 2015)

Latest infographics

Food Policy in the EU – what’s on the menu in 2015? (Jun 2015)

DSM briefings

Online platforms – to regulate, or not to regulate? (Sep 2015)

Latest briefings

Catalonian Elections: Secessionists win elections – but the path to independence remains unclear (Oct 2015)
mHealth on Demand (Oct 2015)
Europe of Nations and Freedom Group (Jun 2015)


Estonia Votes (Feb 2015)
Comparing Juncker’s nominees and the Barroso II team (Sep 2014)
The shape of the next European Commission (Jul 2014)
MEPs on Twitter: the 2014-19 European Parliament (Jul 2014)
The Final Countdown: From Europe Day to polling day (May 2014)
100 days to go, 100 things to know about Europe’s year of change (Feb 2014)
Spoilt for choice – but who will Hollande go for? (Jan 2014)
Germany’s new federal government: the key players and positions in the grand coalition (Dec 2013)
Germany’s grand coalition: ‘Shaping Germany’s Future’ – CDU/CSU and SPD reach a deal (Nov 2013)
European Elections 2014: One Parliament, 28 Elections (Nov 2013)
Europe Decides 2014: To the Elections, and Beyond (Nov 2013)
Czech parliamentary elections: Political crisis goes on after inconclusive elections (Oct 2013)
Luxembourg parliamentary elections: Juncker’s party is clear winner despite drop in support (Oct 2013)
Austrian parliamentary elections: No clear winner as new groups enter parliament (Oct 2013)
German federal parliamentary elections: Merkel wins third term as Liberals exit Parliament (Sep 2013)
The European Commission: Past, Present and Future (Sep 2013)
Germany votes: One week to the Bundestag elections – what’s at stake? (Sep 2013)
2014 – the year of Europe’s democratic (r)evolution? (Jul 2013)

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