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As the world changes, NATO has to move faster

It has been a while since NATO first looked beyond the North Atlantic, the area defined in its own name. It now has activities stretching from Afghanistan and the African Union, via the Red Sea. But this year, NATO is set to go even further afield, when it recognises a new frontier in defence: space.

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Clouds over Warsaw

The forthcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw comes at a crucial time in Europe’s history. Already described a few weeks ago by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg as a turning point, the summit now also has to deal with the fallout from Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

The outcome of the UK referendum came as a shock to most of Europe’s elites, and marks a new low point in European integration and cohesion. The EU’s future development is threatened from within by the rise of nationalist, extremist and populist forces, while it has so far comprehensively failed to deal with the external threats and challenges of terrorism and mass migration from the Middle East and northern Africa.

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Europe under attack

David Harley gives his view on the existential threats facing Europe in 2015, and the role that business can play in overcoming them:

We are only six weeks into the new year, and the European Union and everything it stands for is already under threat on multiple fronts. Even the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured), has said that the Commission is in the last-chance saloon.

The threats and attacks on the EU are both internal and external.

Internally, the EU has numerous problems. There is sluggish economic growth across Europe, resulting in a loss of competitiveness in global markets. There is a deepening policy rift between northern and southern member states.

Political extremism is increasing on both left and right, with growing antisemitism and the emergence in several countries of ISIS-inspired (but essentially home-grown) Islamist radicalism and terrorism.

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50 days to go, 50 things to know about Europe’s year of change

The countdown continues: at 08:00 CET on Wednesday 2 April, there are exactly 50 days to go to the opening of the polls for the European Parliament elections.

Here is our overview of where we stand and what you need to know about Europe’s year of change:

Top jobs | Country-by-country | PollWatch 2014 | The elections and beyond | Reading list

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